Digitization and sustainability: Innovation drivers for OWL!

inIT experts once again present their research at solutions2021

Changes due to the Corona pandemic, digital transformation and climate protection: The challenges for the economy in OstWestfalenLippe are great. But what opportunities lie in these changes? How can we strengthen the competitiveness of companies? The solutions event program offers information, impetus and contacts for this. From September to December, 37 workshops, congresses and trade fairs will focus on new technologies, applications and practical examples. solutions is the forum for companies, research institutions and business-related organizations to discuss new developments relating to digital and ecological transformation and to put them into practice.

The experts from the Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT) at the OWL University of Applied Sciences will once again be represented with exciting presentations on forward-looking topics:

On October 14, Professor Volker Lohweg and Christoph-Alexander Holst will guide you through the status quo of artificial intelligence and its benefits and expectations in practical use. Does the current status quo of AI live up to its promises? What is currently behind AI and what potential for use can we currently exploit? Join us to discuss why AI is often not very intelligent and how it nevertheless enriches industry and society.

We continue on November 09 with the topic "The future of the smart food factory". Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are increasingly making their way into a wide variety of economic industries and sectors. So it does not stop at the food industry. But what might a smart factory in the food industry look like in the future? And what possibilities does data intelligence promise? Professor Helene Dörksen researches and teaches in the field of mathematics and authentication and gives you an insight.

Then it's all about smart medicine and health technology on November 23 with the lecture "Smart Health Sciences. Health, individual medicine, pharmaceutical technology and digitalization with artificial intelligence, Big Data and networking will form a symbiosis in the future for the benefit of people and their well-being. In the future, digital technologies for individualization in medicine, health and care will play a decisive role in realizing care in suburban areas. Professor Volker Lohweg, Professor Gerd Kutz and other experts from TH OWL will report on new trends and concrete research results in the field of Smart Health Sciences.

The inIT events will be concluded on December 8 by expert Alexander Kuhn, who will speak on the topic of "Smart Maintenance - Intelligent Assistance for Everyone Using the Example of Industrial Maintenance and Servicing". The thematic focus here is on the use of a scalable interaction scheme to support employees. Basic concepts of AR will be conveyed by means of practical examples, naming the respective advantages and challenges. Various solutions can be playfully tried out in the SmartFactoryOWL.

Registrations for the individual events are now possible on the CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) homepage at